Company Profile

During the early 50’s the founder of FIRPPIS S.A., Dimitris Fyrippis, began supplying the sausage processing industry, covering its demands after raw materials and machinery. The use of manual and electrical operated machines and devices, for the sausage production, started in Greece after the end of the Second World War and the deployment of the German Armed Forces, in the year 1944/5.

In the following years, sausage production grew from family sized business to full industrial production. In compliance with the industrial expansion, grew the demand for additives, spices, artificial casings and machinery witch, since the early days, are supplied at a great range by FYRIPPIS S.A.

Ever since, FYRIPPIS S.A. lays its efforts on meeting up with the rapidly increasing demands of the industry, by restricting the former product range to specially selected items and services.


The company is placed in Agios Ioannis Rentis, near Piraeus harbour, offering an excellent transport connection for local and offshore customers. FYRIPPIS S.A. is accommodated within its own 3.000 square meter building, making it possible for all industrial, logistic and management activities to take place on-site. This provides FYRIPPIS S.A. with a high level of synergy effects in all its business processes.


FYRIPPIS S.A. field of activity is concentrated in the following areas:

  • Conditioning of artificial casings, e.g. printing and shirring
  • Trading with artificial casings
  • Trading with clipping machines, clips, loops and labels
  • After sales service, e.g. spare parts for Poly-Clip System machines
  • Consulting (sausage industry matters)
  • Additives & Spices for the Food Processing Industry
  • Lactose free milk products (MinusL)
  • Work wear / Protective industrial clothing